15 targets for 2015

In the typical wildlife blogger fashion, I have put together some wildlife resolutions for the next year. I chose 15 for obvious reasons, though part of me feels like I should put together 25 since I celebrate that age in only a few months. Maybe I’ll see if I can add any extra 10 – any suggestions for what they could be? Perhaps to see a specific moth species (nothing too difficult such as Silurian though please!), or to reach a certain number in my pan-species listing?

Anyway, these are the ones that I’ve come up with. Some may be quite a challenge, but some should be quite easy to do. I’ve not set myself anything unrealistic because that would be just silly! I’ll see how the year goes, and if they’re too easy then I’ll set myself some more difficult targets for 2016! (Or if you think they’re too easy, you can suggest some more difficult ones for my possible extra ten resolutions!)

Wildlife to see

  • See 2 new species of butterfly
  • See an otter (not just spraint!)
  • See a kingfisher
  • Go on at least one birding twitch
  • Continue with the moth-ing (Obviously! Hopefully sort out getting a MV trap)

Skills to gain

  • Start learning scientific names properly
  • Learn how to pin insects (so that naturally dead insects that I find can be used for educational purposes)
  • Learn how to clean my bones collection (especially the badger skull)
  • Generally improve identification skills across a range of taxa

Things to do

  • Get into the top 20 on iRecord Butterflies
  • Record wildlife seen (and submit data obviously), including compiling a year list and life list for birds
  • Visit Grant Museum of Zoology (London)
  • Pick up more litter!
  • Launch my not-so-secret project
  • Write an article for a non-wildlife focussed magazine / newsletter / blog

5 thoughts on “15 targets for 2015

  1. I think you need some tougher targets! So how about:
    1. Come and learn how to find Silurian larvae with BC and then go and find some in Radnor.
    2. Find a larva of Stigmella zelleriella during the moth workshop at Sandwich (I keep looking and can only find empty mines).
    3. Put your total on the PSL web site!
    4. Find a new species to Radnorshire.
    5. Get a photo of Welsh Clearwing at Gilfach and upset me by posting it here!

    • Ouch, some of those are super difficult!!
      1. Silurian?! Eeek!
      2. Oh no, I’m no good with leaf miners!
      3. This should be ok, was planning to do it anyway.
      4. Crikey! Um, I’ll give it a go?
      5. I would LOVE to do this, but my contract here finishes before it starts flying so I’ll be gone!

  2. I’d recommend visiting Mull if you want to see otters. They’re reasonably easy to find there, although there’s never a guarantee!

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